Build a Career

One of the sad facts about sales is that it is perceived as having a history of manipulation, “short term-ism” and deceptiveness. Our goal is not only to develop a first class, professional sales organization, but to also redefine sales as a profession.

A professional salesperson serves his or her clients first, replacing worn concepts like ‘up-sell’ with new ideas like ‘up-serve.’ With this type of professionalism, our sales reps can build a long-term career in one position, rather than the typical scenario where a sales person moves from position to position, on average 13 times in their lives, looking for the next quick buck.

When you strive for these goals it no longer matters if you are an extrovert or an introvert. You can become a skilled professional.  All of the Energetix sales managers have built their territories from the ground up and are all committed to the long-term success of their own businesses and of Energetix as a whole.

We have found that the top sales professionals are typically looking for the following qualities in a company:

    • A valuable product
    • An unlimited income opportunity
    • Opportunities for growth and development
    • A proven method of prospecting
    • A proven track record of growth
    • A unique selling proposition
    • A high percentage of repeat business and residual income
    • Opportunity to travel
    • An industry not negatively affected by changes in the economy
    • A solid sales agent agreement
    • A great training program with mentorship

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